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March 02, 2016

Can you TRUST the surgeon? What do his/her patients have to say?

Choosing a spine surgeon isn’t just about their skills and research work. One of the most important issues is trust between the surgeon and patient. Does (s)he care about his/her patients? Is (s)he a person of integrity? The following examples provide a good insight into Dr. Lenke’s character:

  • Each year, Dr. Lenke commits a significant amount of time to performing surgeries and training surgeons in 2nd and 3rd world countries. He does this free of charge and at his own expense, for one reason: he cares about patients with spinal deformities and knows that he has a surgical gift that can change their lives.
  • Dr. Lenke recognizes the immense trust that a patient and their family must invest when they choose him to perform their surgery. In respect of this trust, Dr. Lenke invests great time and effort into improving safety in spine surgery procedures. It’s a passion that leads him to work tirelessly to perform spinal deformity surgery as safely and effectively as possible.

Of course, you may still have questions as to whether or not Dr. Lenke is the surgeon for you to see. We encourage you to take a look around this website, especially at some of the patient stories, to help you make your choice. Whatever you decide, we hope that you have a safe and successful outcome to your spinal deformity surgery!