Industry Collaboration

Spine Models

For some of the most complicated surgical cases we perform, Medtronic, Inc., creates a life-sized model of the spinal column using the preoperative CT scan. With this extremely accurate model, we can study the important 3-dimensional spinal anatomy before surgery to help plan the surgical procedural steps such as pedicle screw placement and performance of spinal osteotomies such as VCRs for the most extreme deformities.

We also bring this model into the OR, placing it into a sterile plastic see-through wrap for access during surgery. These models have greatly improved the way we treat patients; ensuring these spinal reconstructions are performed safely and efficiently with the best possible outcomes.

Collaborating with Industry

A major component to spinal deformity reconstructive surgery is the use of various instruments and implants. These devices stabilize and correct the spinal column and help form the fusion, which ultimately provides the long-lasting stability of the reconstructed spine. For over 15 years, I have been deeply involved in implant and instrument design and development in order to make the spinal equipment utilized as safe and easy to use as possible.

By working with Medtronic, Inc., the top spinal instrumentation company in the world, we have developed tools and implants that make spinal surgery of all types—and deformity surgery in particular—easier and safer to perform. This collaboration has produced several systems for various spinal anomalies, becoming the gold-standard in their own right. Surgeons and their patients from all over the world have benefitted from these innovative systems. If it wasn’t for this collaboration, we would not have made tremendous advancements in the treatment of spinal deformities.

We are proud of the innovations made and continue to strive to make spinal surgery better for future patients.

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