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Zorah C. | Scoliosis Patient

In 2006, I went to St. Louis Children’s hospital to undergo scoliosis surgery. Before I had the surgery, I was in a lot of pain. I could not stand for long periods of time because my back hurt so badly. I also wasn’t comfortable in some clothes just because of how my back looked.

During my time in the hospital I had fun, people came to visit me and I met other people who were going through the same thing that I was. I made friends and I learned a lot, too. I learned that even thought it was painful after the surgery, and I thought it would never end, it actually wasn’t bad, it was just a learning experience to a new and better life. One thing I have realized since my surgery is that even though I do not like pain, if I could get through back surgery, I can probably get through other forms of pain.

It has been 3 years since my surgery, and I have been able to do almost everything I was able before my surgery except for bending my back where the rods are. Even though I thought it would be hard to not be able to bend my back I have gotten very used to it and now cannot think of going back to being able to bend my back.

Since my surgery I have done track for three years, my back does not bother me except for the first day of starting hard physical workouts like track. Whenever I think why I had to be someone to go through scoliosis and have a disadvantage compared to other people of not being able to bend my back, I just think about how when I will become old, my shoulders will not be able to hunch over, and throughout my life I will have great posture. My friends tell me that I am lucky to have such a straight back and such nice posture.

Without the people at the orthopedic department at Children’s Hospital, I would not have been able to have such a straight back and a better life. Looking back at my time in hospital my favorite parts were becoming pain free, having a straight back, meeting new people, and growing 3½??? in one day! Having scoliosis surgery was the best thing that has happened to me.