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Margaret S. | Severe Spinal Stenosis

I started experiencing knee and back pain at around age 35 and it grew to be more and more of a problem into my 50s. At that time I was diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis. My internist referred me to a neurologist who operated on my lower spine. This surgery was not successful as my lower spine collapsed soon after that. This operation was NOT performed by Dr. Lenke.

To correct the collapsed lower spine, a different surgeon (still NOT Dr. Lenke) fused a few vertebrae in my lower spine. This operation also was not successful and by that time I had to use a walker and wheelchair to get around.

Finally, I was referred to Dr. Lawrence Lenke, who recommended a total back reconstruction and fused my vertebrae from my thoracic spine to my sacrum. This procedure consisted of two operations, five days apart, and has been a splendid success. I am quite active now and walk three to four miles a day to keep fit. I feel so blessed to have finally found Dr. Lenke. He has given my life back to me.