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Lynn C. | Adult Degenerative Scoliosis

Lynn C.—enjoying hiking and other activities again, after surgery

I no longer need to be self-conscious and try to hide the curve.

These days, there are so many moments of gratitude: for my first long hike to the top of the mountain with no pain; for being able to garden again without pain; for going out on my cross-country skis; and returning to Pilates with a strong back!

And then, there is wearing a swimsuit and being able to again wear the other clothes that I had previously enjoyed. I no longer need to be self-conscious and try to hide the curve.

I got my active life and my body back.

Before surgery, I had tenaciously tried every alternative. I had spent a great deal of money, discomfort, and time to try to address the progression of sudden-onset adult degenerative scoliosis. Despite all of my efforts, the curvature was increasing and the pain was worsening.

I feel lucky to have been given Dr. Lenke’s name. “He’s the top guy,” a referring doctor told me.

When I met Dr. Lenke, always accompanied by his multidisciplinary team of pros, I knew I was in good hands. Every detail of my condition and before, during, and after the surgery was laid out clearly before me.

Six months after surgery

Lynn, six months after surgery for adult degenerative scoliosis

He and his team are honest, thorough, meticulous, caring, accessible and responsive. When I had questions or concerns, Dr. Lenke’s clinical nurses would get back to me quickly, even on weekends! The on-call doc took my phone call on the weekend. The whole Och Spine Hospital was organized, efficient and on top of their game.

And don’t get me started on the inpatient team who attended to me with such professionalism and kindness. What great care all around while I was hospitalized, and I am so very grateful.

This was not an easy surgery, and the recovery was long, but it was 1000% worth it! I have a great outcome. Thank you!