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Kayla J. | Patient

Hi, my name is Kayla. Before I came to Dr. Lenke I had 3 unsuccessful surgeries. The doctor in Ohio decided he would refer us to another back surgeon—that is how we came to see Dr. Lenke. When I met Dr. Lenke he and his nurse, Kathy, walked me through what was going to happen before he did anything. When Dr. Lenke put the halo on I was sleeping (thank God!). When I woke up my head hurt, but only for a couple of days.

I was in halo traction for about 3 months – now I know what you are thinking – SO BORING! But I was at Shriners’ for my traction and they have a rec. room and it is really fun there. After Dr. Lenke did my surgeries I was laid up for a while, but now I’m doing great. I can breathe so much better than before. I stand up so straight and feel so great. I really hope this helps you to not be so nervous!