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Gabby R. | Scoliosis

Gabby R. grew up playing softball. In her words, “I was born to play softball.” At age 14, back pain caused her to have a series of imaging. The images and tests showed she had scoliosis with a 69° curve in her spine.

Lawrence Lenke, MD, Spine Surgeon-in-Chief at Och Spine at NewYork-Presbyterian, with Gabby R.

Gabby with Lawrence Lenke, MD, Spine Surgeon-in-Chief

Dr. Lawrence Lenke performed spinal fusion surgery to correct the severe spinal curve. Now she’s living her dream by playing catcher for her college softball team. See the video, featuring Dr. Lenke, below.

“Dr. Lenke and the Och Spine team at NewYork-Presbyterian took care of me. They performed a spinal fusion to correct the curve and put me back on the field—where I’m meant to be.”

Hear the story through Gabby’s voice. Watch her video, below.


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