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Kate Speier, CST

I am Dr. Lenke’s Surgical Technologist at the Och Spine Hospital. I work with the Clinical Nurse in the OR to set up the equipment and instruments needed for surgery. During the surgery, I work in the sterile field passing instruments, preparing implants and anticipating Dr. Lenke’s next steps. I work side-by-side with Dr. Lenke for the entire time to ensure each patient has a safe and efficient surgery.

I received my Associates in Applied Science with a major in Surgical Technology in 2008. After graduating, I worked on Long Island where I was able to gain experience in trauma, neuro and spine surgery. By the time I joined the team in 2016, I had a vast knowledge of the operating room environment and expert knowledge in spine surgery. Since then, I have continued my education, earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Healthcare Administration in 2018, and I'm currently working on my Masters in Organizational Leadership. In April of 2020 I will be serving as a NYAST Director to help further the profession and help other Surgical Technologist on their career goals.

Dr. Lenke has an incredible gift, and I am truly blessed to be part of his team. Every day he enters the operating room with a smile and a "good morning," and leaves saying "thank you." He is the most hardworking and humble individual I have met, making him a natural leader and inspiration. I take great pride in my role on the team and could not be more grateful.