Category: Scoliosis

Bryce S.

Posted on March 21, 2019

This is a 19-year-old male with a history of Idiopathic scoliosis diagnosed at age 12. Preoperatively, the patient was observed and treated in a Boston brace during the day and a Providence brace at night, but his deformity progressed. Preoperatively, the patient complained of back pain and leg pain. He has had physical therapy, exercise, and bracing for this. AP and lateral spine X-rays, showed a 70-degree right thoracic curve with a proximal thoracic curve of 36 degrees above and 33 degree lumbar below. Read More

Beth G.

Posted on January 17, 2019

This is a 66-year-old female who presented with severe adult thoracic Idiopathic scoliosis. Patient complained of 100% back pain which was worse with sitting less than 30 minutes. She has tried several therapeutic measures, such as physical therapy, exercise, and ... Read More