Bryce S.

This is a 19-year-old male with a history of Idiopathic scoliosis diagnosed at age 12. Preoperatively, the patient was observed and treated in a Boston brace during the day and a Providence brace at night, but his deformity progressed. Preoperatively, the patient complained of back pain and leg pain. He has had physical therapy, exercise, and bracing for this. AP and lateral spine X-rays, showed a 70-degree right thoracic curve with a proximal thoracic curve of 36 degrees above and 33 degree lumbar below. MORE

Tierney O.

13+2-year-old female with adolescent idiopathic right thoracic scoliosis (Lenke curve classification 1BN) treated with a posterior pedicle screw construct with near complete correction of her scoliosis maintained at 5 years postoperative. Read about Tierney's journey >   MORE

Svetlana B.

14+10-year-old female from Moscow, Russia came to Saint Louis for treatment of her very severe scoliosis. She had a 149-degree idiopathic scoliosis with her spine resting against her ribcage completely obliterating her right lung field. She had very limited pulmonary function and altered cardiac function. She underwent a two-stage spine MORE

Molly F.

9+5-year old female with juvenile-onset idiopathic scoliosis underwent posterior pedicle screw instrumentation construct with maintenance of her correction at 5 years postoperative, now completely skeletally mature. MORE

Marida F.

19+1-year-old female with a very severe adolescent idiopathic right thoracic scoliosis with her spine nearly touching her ribcage on the right side. Her spine was severely rotated as well. She underwent a two-stage posterior reconstruction with a VCR to correct her severe scoliosis deformity.   Read about Marida's journey >   MORE

Kathryn C.

14+4-year-old female had an 81-degree thoracic adolescent idiopathic scoliosis with a 46-degree proximal thoracic curve producing a double thoracic curve pattern (Lenke curve classification 2AN). She underwent a posterior pedicle screw instrumentation and fusion from T3-L1. At 5 years postoperative, she has maintained excellent coronal correction and trunk alignment. MORE

Hannah B.

11+10-year-old female cerebral palsy patient with a severe progressive 118-degree scoliosis and pelvic obliquity. She was treated with a single stage posterior pedicle screw construct procedure resulting in very nice correction of her severe scoliosis and improvement in her overall health and appearance. Read about Hannah's journey >   MORE

Caitlin M.

12+6-year-old female presented with a severe 159-degree idiopathic thoracic scoliosis (Lenke curve classification 4AN). Her spine was nearly touching her ribcage. She underwent preliminary halo-gravity traction followed by a two-stage posterior spinal fusion and a posterior-based VCR for correction of her severe deformity. At 5 years postoperative, she has excellent MORE