Spine Surgery Cases

Lynne W.

44+4-year-old female had a lumbar scoliosis and a severe degeneration of the L5/S1 disc. As a high-level athlete (ex-triathlete and world-class cyclist), it was important to maintain as much mobility through her lumbar spine as possible. Thus, she underwent a unique surgery with a posterior scoliosis fusion performed from T12-L4 MORE >

Joyce E.

55+8-year-old female had a very unusual and severe truncal decompensation brought on by a cyst around her spinal cord in the cervical region. This produced a truncal deformity where she leaned severely to the right and forward thus could not stand upright to any extent. She underwent a posterior reconstruction MORE >

Geraldine W.

This 71+5-year-old female had prior low lumbar spinal surgery with fusion and a progressive spinal decompensation to the right side and forward over time. She underwent a first stage posterior reconstruction with a midlumbar PSO to realign her spine in both the coronal and sagittal planes. She then underwent a second stage MORE >

Antoinette W.

67+9-year-old female who had an untreated adult thoracolumbar idiopathic scoliosis progressive to 90° with poor sagittal posture. She was treated with a posterior reconstruction with a midlumbar PSO, transforaminal lumbar interbody fusions (TLIF) of her lower lumbar region all performed from a posterior approach. At 5 years postoperative, she has MORE >