Spine Surgery Cases

Marida F.

19+1-year-old female with a very severe adolescent idiopathic right thoracic scoliosis with her spine nearly touching her ribcage on the right side. Her spine was severely rotated as well. She underwent a two-stage posterior reconstruction with a VCR to correct her severe scoliosis deformity.   Read about Marida's journey >   MORE >

Kathryn C.

14+4-year-old female had an 81-degree thoracic adolescent idiopathic scoliosis with a 46-degree proximal thoracic curve producing a double thoracic curve pattern (Lenke curve classification 2AN). She underwent a posterior pedicle screw instrumentation and fusion from T3-L1. At 5 years postoperative, she has maintained excellent coronal correction and trunk alignment. MORE >

Hannah B.

11+10-year-old female cerebral palsy patient with a severe progressive 118-degree scoliosis and pelvic obliquity. She was treated with a single stage posterior pedicle screw construct procedure resulting in very nice correction of her severe scoliosis and improvement in her overall health and appearance. Read about Hannah's journey >   MORE >

Caitlin M.

12+6-year-old female presented with a severe 159-degree idiopathic thoracic scoliosis (Lenke curve classification 4AN). Her spine was nearly touching her ribcage. She underwent preliminary halo-gravity traction followed by a two-stage posterior spinal fusion and a posterior-based VCR for correction of her severe deformity. At 5 years postoperative, she has excellent MORE >

Andrea D.

13+6-year-old female developed an extremely severe 158-degree scoliosis with her ribcage abutting her pelvis when standing. She was treated with a two-stage anterior and posterior spinal reconstruction and placed in halo traction for 3 months between stages. 5 years after surgery, she has excellent radiographic alignment and clinical posture. She MORE >

Mary H.

69+11-year-old female with a degenerative scoliosis that produced an increasing truncal imbalance to the right, and a thoracic kyphosis that was progressing as well. She underwent a posterior realignment from the upper thoracic spine to the sacrum and ilium with a second stage anterior fusion/cage procedure. At 5 years postoperative, MORE >

Margaret S.

60+3-year-old female with several failed lumbar spine surgeries who presented with a severe forward truncal imbalance, such that the only way she could maintain an upright posture was to hold on to a wheelchair or walker. She underwent a two stage spinal reconstruction consisting of a long instrumentation and fusion MORE >

Marcia B.

64+2-year-old legally blind female with a longstanding 70-degree adult thoracolumbar idiopathic scoliosis. She underwent a posterior reconstruction from T4 down to her sacrum and ilium. She has done very well following surgery and has been able to return to one of her favorite past times, skiing. Read about Marcia's journey >   MORE >